Individual Shareholders

Individual Shareholders

Joseph Rinaldi




In 2023, Technip Energies continued to take important steps to grow and evolve its activities in core areas such as LNG, ethylene and hydrogen while continuing to develop its offerings in businesses which will become increasingly important platforms for sustainable energy development, such as carbon capture, circularity, green hydrogen, sustainable fuels, and green chemistry.


In its core activities, the Company is focused on developing and marketing higher margin technology, product and services offerings, excelling in project execution and developing and integrating decarbonization solutions in our projects and products. The award of the major NFS LNG project in Qatar, which incorporates solutions that will materially reduce the project’s carbon emissions and the confirmation in 2023 of the first planned deployment at industrial scale of eFurnace by T.EN™, a  solution to reduce carbon emissions, in ethylene production, illustrate the path of sustainable growth for such core activities.


The ability to develop and scale technology to efficient and affordable levels will be key to the development of the net zero platforms that will drive the energy transition in coming years. The Company excels at this, leveraging its differentiating competencies and technological base, for example, to successfully launch in 2023 its Capture.Now™ platform offering a range of solutions for the carbon capture value chain. The Company also launched two new companies in 2023 offering solutions we believe will be important for future sustainable development - Rely for green hydrogen and power-to-X solutions, and Reju for polyester textile regeneration.




Since the Company began its sustainability journey three years ago with the adoption of its ESG framework, the Board and management have been focused on defining best-in-class sustainability values and practices and ensuring these values and practices are integrated in all aspects of the Company’s activities and strategy. In 2023 the Board’s committee structure was revised to create the Sustainability Committee in order to assist the Board to better oversee our sustainability policy and its implementation.


During the year, we continued to make substantial progress across a broad range of key sustainability issues, including climate change, water management, local community impact, ethics, employee diversity, inclusiveness, and well-being. This progress has been recognized and reflected in improvement of our ratings by major ESG agencies, including MSCI which has confirmed our leadership among peers with its AAA rating, Sustainalytics which now ranks the Company in the top 10% among our peers and by CDP which has significantly raised the Company’s rating to a level above the industry average.


Looking forward, the Board recognizes there is still much to do and we remain committed to achieving the ambitious goals set out in our multiyear sustainability plans. An important development in 2024 will be the Company’s implementation of the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. The Board’s Sustainability and Audit Committees have been engaged with management on implementation of this important initiative which will provide additional transparency of the Company’s ESG risks and opportunities.

“We continued to make substantial progress across a broad range of key sustainability issues...”




As the Company’s business and sustainability plans advance, the Board and the management remain focused on delivering strong financial and operational performance. In 2023, the Company achieved best-in-class operating margins of 7.4%, increased revenue in the Technology, Products & Services segment by 38% and had backlog providing over 2.6 years of revenue visibility at year end. The  Company’s sustained multi-year performance has underpinned the substantial shareholder value that has been created since the Company listed. Reflecting this strong financial performance, visibility, a healthy balance sheet and long-term growth prospects, the Board is proposing to shareholders a dividend payment this year of €0.57 per share, representing a 10% increase over last year’s dividend.




Marie-Ange Debon and Nello Uccelletti will be retiring from the Board at the AGM this year and I wish to thank both Marie-Ange and Nello for their years of valuable counsel. We are proposing that Maëlle  Gavet and Matthieu Malige, two outstanding business leaders with extensive executive experience in complex global organizations, will join the Board. Maëlle’s experience as a leader of innovative technology companies will significantly contribute to the Board’s deliberations concerning the Company’s digital roadmap. Matthieu will bring extensive financial and strategic experience to Audit Committee and Board discussion and decision-making.




The people of Technip Energies are at the heart of the Company’s continuing success and in recognition of this and to more closely align our employees with the success of the Company, the Board approved the launch of the employee shareholder plan in 2023. We were gratified by the overwhelming success of the offering, reflecting our people’s confidence in the Company’s future. Finally, I wish also to acknowledge the importance the Board places on the support we receive from our shareholders, including the feedback we receive. I also wish to reiterate the Board’s ongoing commitment to position Technip Energies for long-term, sustainable growth that benefits our stakeholders.


Joseph Rinaldi,